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SmallScare Scene 1 - The Costume Shop

The Costume Shop

Scene 1

Luna is struggling to find a costume for Halloween. Of course, her “beast friend” Drake is right by her side to help. But it’ll take a little help from Gho-go the ghost and even a phone call to Franklin & Bones to solve this conundrum!

Scene Includes: Featured animatronic characters of Drake and Luna along with video of Gho-go the ghost on video screen and video of Franklin and Bones on Luna’s (7” LCD monitor) phone. 8’ x 8’ backdrop of Costume Shop scene with cut-out for (1) 47” television.

Total Running Time: approximately 4 minutes

Television & compressor not included.

Smallscare Scene 2 - Trick-or-Treating


Scene 2

Our characters trick-or-treat in their monstery neighborhood. They have lots of fun with the quirks of being monsters, and Luna learns a lesson about being honest.

Scene Includes: Featured animatronic characters of Drake, Luna, Franklin & Bones along with video of Gho-go the ghost on video screen and video of Luna’s Mom on Luna’s (7” LCD monitor) phone. 8’ high x 10’ wide backdrop of Trick-or-Treat scene with cut-out for (2) 40” televisions.

Total Running Time: approximately 5 minutes

Televisions & compressor not included.

Smallscare Scene 3 - The Halloween Party

The Halloween Party

Scene 3

It’s the biggest party of the monster school year and Nefer-TT the famous rapper is there! The party ends with an awesome Halloween song featuring all of our characters!

Scene Includes: Featured animatronic characters of Drake, Luna, Franklin, Bones, Potion and Nefer-TT along with video of Gho-go the ghost on video screen and on Luna’s (7” LCD monitor) phone. 8’ high x 12’ wide backdrop of Halloween Party scene with cut-out for (1) 47” television.

Total Running Time: approximately 6 minutes

Television & compressor not included.

Smallscare Shows are modular!

These scenes have been designed to entertain individually, but they work even better as a group!
Each scene has it’s own story arc and moral, but each transitions into the next – meaning 1, 2 or 3 scene setups are all great!

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Scenes Staring at Only

Characters From

SmallScare Family-Friendly Halloween Shows are a plug and play solution to kids’ halloween entertainment.

Get daytime use from your haunt property
or generate additional revenue from a location already drawing families.

Product Overview

Scene 1 – The Costume Shop

Scene 2 – Trick-or-Treating

Scene 3 – The Halloween Party

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We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.

Why Our Animatronics are Awesome!

Quality Hardware
Backed by Quality People

Smallscare is a division of All Air Inc. – a large New York-based distributor of industrial automation components. Our animatronics use top-quality components and are built by experts in the field. All parts and components are inventoried at SmallScare to minimize any downtime.
Plus, if you ever have a problem, you can talk to a REAL person to get it fixed fast! Ask anyone!


All of our animatronics are anodized aluminum and stainless steel, which means they will not rust, they are super-strong, and they weigh a fraction of what other animatronics do.


Our team of experts has designed these animatronics to mimic the bio-mechanical aspects of the human body using precise geometry and careful component selection. All our animatronic characters have a minimum of 8 separately controlled body movements. Most of the motions have multi-position control valves to allow cylinders to stop anywhere along their travel. Each character moves in the smooth and fluid manner required to gain the trust of children. From mouths to waists, you’ll be amazed at how life-like our characters are!

Modular and Adjustable

Body motions are not welded, which means you can add/remove and change motions in minutes!


Smallscare Shows are a fully immersive Experience!

SmallScare Backdrop

Illustrated Backdrops

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Our illustrated backdrops create a safe-feeling, familiar environment for children to enjoy our shows. Based on locations kids can relate to, they are printed on heavy duty vinyl, and are versatile and easy to install. Each includes an opening for video screens.

8’h x 8’w (Scene 1), 8’h x 10’w (Scene 2), 8’h x 12’w (Scene 3)

Video Screens

Video screens built into the set provide surprises AND an additional character – Gho-go the ghost! These animated scenes provide variety and they opportunity for surprises. They appeal greatly to your youngest customers.

SmallScare-Video Screens
SmallScare-Luna's Phone

Luna’s Phone

Luna’s phone is another technological device that adds to the magic of our shows. She uses it to show off photos and make video calls. This introduces new and sometimes unexpected characters into our shows.

This screen is included and built-in to Luna.

Digital Eyes

Most of our characters have built-in digital eyes. Blinking, squinting and looking around, these eyes bring an extra bit of life to our already amazing animatronic characters. This seemingly small addition makes a world of difference in how kids relate to the characters, and how they can see themselves in the face looking back at them.

SmallsScare-Digital Eyes

Once you’ve purchased a SmallScare Show…

You can add scenes later! Since our scenes are modular, you can buy Scene 1, add Scene 2 next year, and add Scene 3 the following year. Your show gets bigger and better year after year, adding a new draw for your audience.

You‘ll have the opportunity to add to or update your show in future seasons at minimal cost, as new stories become available. You already own the hardware, so a new show is as simple as an SD card loaded with character motions, soundtracks and animations, and a new backdrop (designed to fit the same video screens) where your scene will take place.

Life-sized printed character cut-outs for photo opportunities are available to enhance your customers’ experience and extend their stay.

Coloring pages featuring our unique array or characters are also available for kids to have additional sit-down fun after the show. Moms love this!

Smallscare retail merchandise will also be available soon – increase your per-customer revenue!

Meet the Characters

Our cast of characters is based on classic monsters. Each one, though, comes with fully developed original personality traits. We’ve attempted to make a character for every kid to relate to. Most importantly, they are NOT scary. They’re kids!


Luna & Drake

Luna and Drake are the unofficial leaders of the SmallScare crew, despite being the youngest. The best friends are nearly inseparable, and many of the adventures center around their antics.

Luna is a werewolf, and she’s new here. Luckily, she moved close to her best friend Drake. She’s a well-behaved kid and thinks its important to follow the rules. She LOVES video games, and she has a bit of a temper (especially around the full moon), so don’t make her mad.

Drake is a vampire. He is extremely excitable and sometimes nervous. He’s always looking for an adventure, even if he has to bend the rules to do it. Ultimately, he’ll always do the right thing, but sometimes he needs Luna’s help to recognize what that is.


Franklin & Bones

Frank and Bones have been friends for so long they can almost read each other‘s minds.

Franklin proves the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Despite being hard to understand, he is the best student of the group. Due to his size, he sometimes struggles to fit it. His good heart (thanks to whoever donated it) has one him some great friends, though.

Bones is Frank’s unofficial translator, although he’s confused why everyone struggles so hard to understand Franklin. Bones is a cool dude, who loves to skate and have a good time. He doesn’t get stressed out, and he helps to keep the whole SmallScare crew “chill“.


Potion & Nefer-TT

Potion is a witch, from a long line of witches. She’s not very good at magic, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the other kids. She’s the most popular girl in school! She loves fashion, and making sure everyone is having a good time!

Nefertiti is a mummy, and also Potion’s cousin. She’s an incredibly famous rapper who’s been all around the world! She always talks and rhymes, and ALWAYS has a positive message. She’s the oldest of the group – some would say ancient. She fills her free time (between gigs) playing sports.

SmallScare Gho-go

Gho-go the ghost

Gho-go to the ghost is everybody’s best friend. He doesn’t say much, but he’s a good listener – sometimes even one you don’t know he’s there! Always empathetic, he looks out for the rest of the crew. No matter where they are, he always seems to be hanging around somewhere.

Gho-go is animated and appears via video screens.

Luna's Mom

Luna’s Mom

Luna‘s mom is just like your mom, only Furrier! She just wants what’s best for her little furball. She knows Luna is growing up but Mom always checks in to make sure her little girl safe. Luna loves her mom, but when she tries to be to “hip“, it’s “SO EMBARRASSING”!

Luna’s mom shows up in video calls on Luna’s phone.


The audience is probably the most important character in the show. Keeping kids involved and relating to the characters is what makes our SmallScare Shows so different. A little bit of audience interaction here and there changes our shows from something you watch to something you experience.

Kids like to be scared. It just needs to be a…

Smallscare Logo

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We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.