About SmallScare

Featuring all of the same quality, adjustability, versatility, and durability as the AllScare products you’re used to, our SmallScare line focuses on products for a younger audience.

If you have an existing family-friendly haunt, we have designed our products with you in mind. If you run an adult haunt, we provide an opportunity to monetize an audience you are missing out on.

We have many years of experience running family-friendly haunts, and aside from the obvious differences in gore, character design, and sound, we’ve learned a few important things:

  1. Actors scare kids
  2. Animatronic speed and design needs to be customized for your audience
  3. It’s okay to be a little scary if you’re silly, too

We are available to help you in all aspects of the purchase, construction, installation and operation of the Smallscare Family-Friendly Halloween Shows.

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Call us at 914-347-6439

If you are looking for animatronics for grown-ups, please visit AllScare.com for a good scare!

We never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you regarding your initial request.

Kids like to be scared. It just needs to be a…

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